I’ve decided to make a Gratitude list.  My plan is to check it often. Its purpose is to remind me to give thanks for my many blessings. I hope this will not be a static list. Given my blog about making a new kind of List, I can’t think of a better time to start.

I’ve tried making these in the past. Several years ago I actually started a “Gratitude Journal,” an idea purported by the mighty Oprah. I did not persevere. Hopefully, this time I shall. Since I am blogging almost every day, keeping it here for easy reference seems appropriate.

So, here are some important things for which I give thanksgiving and hope never to take for granted:

  1. Surviving cancer
  2. Being a mother
  3. Being a wife
  4. Being a grandmother
  5. Being a sister
  6. Being a daughter
  7. Being a friend
  8. My husband
  9. My children
  10. My grandchildren
  11. My faith
  12. My many friends
  13. My home
  14. My job
  15. My ability to learn
  16. My sight
  17. My ability to walk and run
  18. My hearing
  19. My memory
  20. The things my mother taught me
  21. The things my father taught me
  22. The things my brother taught me (and still does)
  23. The things my sister taught me (and still does)
  24. Knowing my grandparents
  25. The things my grandparents taught me
  26. Having known Maryann Blinn, who took me to Italy, the birthplace of my grandparents
  27. Music
  28. Books
  29. My freedom
  30. My intellect
  31. My free will
  32. My soul

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