Inspire Me, Muse!

Here’s a first. I’m at a loss for words. I have blogged for about two months and I enjoy it immensely. The “stuff” in my head flows easily into words as I type them. A sense of anticipation gnaws at me until I find the moment when I get to my quiet spot and begin writing.

Tonight is different. I don’t have a clue what to write as I sit here staring at the screen and my keyboard.

For me, writing a blog has been a good way to carve out truly quiet time in my otherwise busy days. It’s usually the time I spend “unwinding.” As I write, I feel my shoulders relax and my mind clear. When I finish an entry, I read it and think about what I’ve written. It typically gives me pause for reflection and resolution. Writing is therapeutic.

Sometimes, I’ll read through the last few entries. When that happens, I find some stories that I want to re-write. This  might be because I forgot what I think is an important point or detail. It might be because I am not happy with the finished essay. Thankfully, when that happens, I remind myself that the point is to record my thoughts and feelings at that moment in time. Changing an entry alters things. It doesn’t seem right to do that.  It occurs to me, though, that I can write another blog about the same memory, event or idea and add any forgotten or new thoughts.

Besides the benefit of quiet time and reflection, blogging has become a discipline of sorts. There is something about the routine of the exercise that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Follow through is sometimes a challenge. The other day I watched a few minutes of the movie, “Julie and Julia,” on cable. In the scene Julie was having trouble writing her daily blog entry about her cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. Her friend told her to skip it. She said she couldn’t – she was committed to writing. I could relate to what she said. If I don’t write SOMETHING, I disappoint myself.

So, here I am tonight, writing a blog entry that could be compared with the theme of the “Jerry Seinfeld” show. Tonight’s blog is about nothing. I am writing for the sake of writing. I am writing for the practice and for the discipline. I am not writing out of a sense of obligation but out of a sense of purpose.

I read through my Facebook homepage before I started. Many times a story or a friend’s status entry serves as a springboard for a thought tucked back in my head. Tonight, however, such was not the case. I read about cooking and baking fresh chocolate chip cookies. I read about my grandson dreading his next gym class where dancing is the planned activity. I read other blogs which were informative and enjoyable. I checked on the latest Charlie Sheen gossip. And, still, nothing comes.

Now as I near the end of this post, a thought pops into my head. Today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. It was light until almost 7:15 p.m.! It felt wonderful. It’s an hour later now and it feels like the night has barely started. Too late, I can’t write about today. Maybe I could write about today tomorrow.

Perhaps I just needed a break. Spring fever is poking at my psyche. I’m feeling pulled in other directions. This is the first weekend in months that I’ve felt inclined to do house cleaning and home projects. I enjoyed my first Sunday of almost Spring.

As I get ready for work tomorrow, I’ll put on my thinking cap. Tomorrow night may bring some profound or happy thought. My next blog could be INCREDIBLE! Or, it could be about nothing. I’m hoping for incredible, or inspirational, or amusing, or thought-provoking, or……okay, enough already. Good night!

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