Welcome to the World!

Tonight’s blog isn’t long. It’s more of a welcome note than a blog.

This afternoon, another descendant of Joseph and Yolanda DeSantis entered the world at 4:44 p.m., less than 24 hours after his great-grandfather’s birthday. And, although the surname isn’t the same, the DeSantis lineage continues.

Cole Robert Page was born to my niece, Jessica and her husband, Kris, this afternoon. He made his entrance into the world quickly. Less than four hours passed from the time Jess and Kris got to the hospital to the time he was born. Much to my brother-in-law’s dismay, I took bragging rights to her quick labor and delivery being similar to mine. More proof that she is like her fabulous godmother! (smile)

My sister called me about 1:30 this afternoon to say she was at the hospital. When I left work just after 4:30, I stopped to pick up some soup and coffee to take up to the hospital while she waited. By the time I got there, Cole had already arrived! He is, of course, as precious as he can be! I waited eagerly to take my turn holding him. I watched him intently as his little face showed the usual array of expressions, and his mouth formed “fish lips.” Precious. Beautiful. Wonderful.

My niece watched as Cole was passed from one person to another. You could see the motherly love in her eyes. Several times she said, “I can’t believe I was teaching this morning and he was in my stomach and now he’s here.” That was followed each time with, “He’s so cute!” I watched her and thought about when she was born almost 29 years ago. How could so much time pass so quickly?

Kris beamed as he talked about his new son. He is elated. I love Kris. He’s a great guy, and I know he will be a wonderful father. I’m confident these two young people are going to make great parents and have a wonderful time at it.

If you know Kris, you know that he’s as proud to be Irish as I am proud to be Italian. To welcome Cole, and to honor Kris and Jessica, here is an old Irish proverb:

Dear Cole Robert, Jessica and Kris,

May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings
beside your nursery door.
And for the proud parents:
May God grant you
a wee bit of heaven
to cradle in your arms –
a sweet bonny baby
to hold close to your heart
A newborn babe
brings light to the house
warmth to the hearth
and joy to the soul
for wealth is family
family is wealth.

And, for the quarter of Cole that is Italian, may I say, “Bienvenuto, bella bambino!”

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10 Responses to Welcome to the World!

  1. Lisa Parry says:

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful little boy!!

  2. carlorustico says:

    Actually, no, you may not say that.

    But you may say, “Benvenuto, mio bambino bello.”

    Or you could say, “Benvenuto, mio pronipote bello.”

    Or you could say, “Go stuff it, Carlo.”


  3. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the “descent” instead of descendant – don’t know how that happened. Sometimes I miss big things.
    As far as the Italian – darned on-line translators are not worth it! I think I got the gist though….stuff it, Carlo!

    • carlorustico says:

      I’ve learned to laugh at some of the typos, missing words, partial words and whatever else I find in my own posts — even after rereading and proofing. Hey, if professional editors can miss a few, so can we!

      And yes, you “gisted” well 🙂

  4. Valerie Steverson says:

    Congratulations to all! How wonderful!

  5. roz says:


  6. Renee says:

    Congratulations – always exciting! Love the name

  7. Joan Coffey says:

    What a fitting way to begin the upcoming Spring season………..a new life for all!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  8. Do says:

    This is beautiful, Ro, thank you. I love your words and the Irish proverb. You are a very special Godmother to Jess.

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