Dreams Redux

The other day my blog post was about dreams and the potential they have to change our lives if we pursue them.

I’ve thought more about that since I wrote it. I started wondering if I’ve confused the word “resolution” with the word “dream.”  The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I have. In the name of “resolutions,” have I inadvertently sabotaged my dreams? At the risk of this seeming a bit convoluted, I decided to look up each word’s definition.

I looked up “dream” the other night when I wrote the first blog, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to double-check. Still the same meaning. Mirriam-Webster online shows six different definitions for the word, “resolution.” None of them came close in meaning to “dream.”   What, then caused my confusion? Further, what made me wonder about it in the first place?

Wanting further validation or explanation, I typed, “difference between resolutions and dreams,” into the Google search bar. The very first hit was, “Trade the Drudgery of New Year’s Resolutions for the Excitement of Pursuing Your Dreams,” followed by, “Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions; Fulfill Your Dreams Instead.” It got trickier as I went down the page, “Ways to avoid boredom when working towards dreams, resolutions and goals.” Another was, “True resolutions: power charge your dreams for 2011.”

Not surprising, most of the pages I checked were, in one way or another, connected to financial planning (some called it life planning). In his book, “The Dream Manager,” Matthew Kelly describes some dream scenarios that involve financial or long-term planning. The people in Mr. Kelly’s book dream of things many of us take for granted. Things like owning their own homes, taking a family vacation and returning to school. All of these dreams DO require thoughtful and meaning financial planning.

So where was I? Oh yes, resolutions or dreams? Do I resolve to dream? What happens early in January every year when I think about my so-called “resolutions?” I’m not talking about the typical weight loss, time management or exercise type of resolutions. How about when I resolve to: read more books; finally take a quilting class; spend more time with people who are important to me; start an herb window garden; take more pictures. I could go on.

Are these resolutions or are they dreams? Do I not consider these simple things dreams? Must dreams  be grandiose, larger than life? I’ve wanted an herb garden for my kitchen window for years. That wouldn’t cost much, and I certainly have the means to make it happen. Why don’t I make it happen? How about the quilting class?  What’s stopping me? Is it time, energy, commitment?

I don’t know why I’ve always thought about these things in terms of “resolving to do them,” instead of in the framework of a dream. D-R-E-A-M. In my first dream blog, I wrote that when I close my eyes and say the word slowly, it brings me peace and quietness. DREAM is a happy, hopeful word. RESOLUTION is a cold, necessary word.

I started blogging in January as a way to help find my authentic self. The great thing about my blogging is that I spend time writing, reading and re-writing each entry. Each time I read an entry I think about the words on the page and my feelings when I wrote them.

Maybe thinking like Cinderella is a good thing. Despite my over analysis of the idea, I’m glad it gives me pause for further reflection. If nothing else, the exercise of pondering the difference between the words, “dream” and “resolution” may help bring clarity to my way of being. And that’s a good thing.

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7 Responses to Dreams Redux

  1. jessbarz says:

    In my journey to lose weight, I read a book called Body for Life. In it, Bill Philips has this to say on the subject of dreams ” Dreams are things you wish for – things you enjoy thinking about but really don’t know when or if they will happen.” I think that is where you are. You dream about things, like the garden or the class, but you don’t know when they will happen. So what Bill Philips says is that we should all create incremental goals to get us to our dreams. Why not say to yourself that on the first day of spring, you will plant that herb garden in your window. Now you have made a goal for yourself and have moved closer to your dreams. Another thing Philips says is that we should not get discouraged once we have “resolved” a goal or a dream because really they are all part of a long chain of goals and dreams we have for ourselves. So the only bad thing you can do is not set these goals to make you dreams a reality. Otherwise, you will just wonder when that garden will get started. I can already picture that garden now. Can’t you?

  2. Jessica, great comment and thank you! My boss told me about that book. Losing weight is a more of have to for me. I like what he says about dreams though. Now that I’ve heard it from two people, I maybe should put it on my ever-growing list of books to read!
    Thanks again for posting.

  3. carlorustico says:

    Have you tried pondering the difference between “dream” and “fantasy?”

  4. Fantasy implies impossible. Dream implies possible. Hmmm, let me think about it. Is that what you were going for? Maybe make my dreams reality?

  5. carlorustico says:

    I’m not really “going for” anything. I’m just suggesting one avenue that might get you closer to your stated outcome. Perhaps you can shape your own definitions of “dream” and “fantasy” that will allow or even encourage you to find your own path.

    This really is — or should be — all about you.

  6. roz says:

    Ro, I agree with Jessbarz you need to set the goal if you want reality. I think you believe that all these things will happen when you have more time. A few of those items would such as the herb garden would take only a few hours with a trip to a garden store. What I heard from your response to Jess that instead of doing the gardening you are adding a book to your ever growing list. Just kind of think of what you wrote and what she said.

  7. Valerie Steverson says:

    Funny when I read your first blog on dreams I thought about nightime dreams, as I am currently trying to analyze my sleeping dreams and it really has been alot of fun. But you also gave me pause to wonder what my dream for my future would hold. It would be to win the World Poker Tournament. Of course, first I have to get into to it! I have a mental plan in place and hope to stay focused on it. I expect it will take a long time, but that’s ok, I have a plan:) Thanks for the inspiration to dream.

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