Good Day Sunshine

People tease me for spending a lot of time on Facebook. That surprises me because everyone knows I am a super sociable person. I love Facebook because I get to connect with so many people all at once! It’s like going to a party every night. After a long, hard day at work, I find it more fun than watching TV and much less effort than reading a book.

I also love people. A lot. Making new friends is one of my favorite things. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people of all ages, sizes, colors, religions, political beliefs and abilities. And, although, my “close” friends may number few, I feel connected to so many others in so many ways. My personality assessments show that I am not just gregarious, I am effusive. Being the center of attention is not a problem for me, and in some cases, I relish it. Most of the time that works for me. In a work setting, though, that hasn’t always been a good thing so I’ve learned to curb my enthusiasm when necessary.

All of this means that I don’t always like being alone and, even more important, I find it difficult to just “be,” to quiet my mind and my body. A coach once told me that, like her, I tend to think out loud. That may explain why people think I’m flighty or that I have ADD. And, sometimes, when I’m blue, I project a sense of depression.

You may recall that I began my blog, “In Pursuit of Quietness,” as a way to find moments of inner peace and stillness. Here’s the good news. It’s working. Not only is it working but it’s helping my self-confidence. Oh yes, about the confidence thing. I am super friendly and outgoing, but I often lack confidence. Some people tell me I seek approval. I guess I’ll blame that on my mother. We all know our mothers are to blame for all that is wrong (and right) with us. Writing is helping me affirm my goodness and worth. It’s also gratifying to hear people tell me they relate to much of what I write.

Did I say I am a romantic? I wish I could say optimist, but I think the better word is romantic. I love happy endings and happy beginnings. Today, I realized that I make a difference to someone on a personal journey. Me, being “me” is helping her, even if in some small way. This makes me happy.

Many of you have weighed in on how you feel about my blog, or offered advice because you care. Please know that I love the affirmation and I am grateful for the concern. When I am writing, I am quiet. I am thoughtful. It forces reflection which helps me find inner peace. Sometimes my flare for the romantic (or dramatic depending on your perception) informs my writing. Here’s the thing. It’s okay. Expressing my feelings and experiences comes easily. Like my friend, I am also on a journey — one of self discovery. And, although this post is all sunshine and roses, remember this: I will have good days and bad, but the good far outweigh the bad. Today was a good day for a lot of reasons. I am enjoying this moment of bliss.

Thank goodness blogging found me!


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