The Antidote

Not even twenty-four hours ago I was writing about sadness. Tonight my heart is overflowing with anticipation and joy. Amazing that the human spirit can be so resilient.

Today was a family day — I love those! Mark and Cameron are spending the weekend with us while Julie, Scott and Ella are in Texas meeting their new daughter and our new granddaughter. This morning Mark and I slept in while Ta took Cam to his hockey practice. Once back home, I cooked the boys their favorite Moma dish, omelets and toast. It’s so easy to love kids with who think I am the best “egg maker” in the world. I always make sure I have plenty of eggs on hand when they are visiting.

A few hours later I was giving both boys a haircut. When Mark was a baby, I was the first person to cut his hair and I continued to do so for many years. When Cam came along, I was again appointed to do the honors. We took a break for a few years but recently I’ve won back my former clients. It isn’t easy to cut hair for a teen and a pre-teen but if you knew Mark and Cam you would understand why they would be cool with it. By late afternoon, little Anna Rose and her little brother, grandson number 3, Danny were at my doorstep waiting to give me hugs and kisses. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen them and I was more than happy to babysit while Mom and Dad went to dinner and a movie. Laughter and the sound of little ones at play filled the house. How could I possibly feel sad? After they went home, Mark, Cam and I decided to play our newest family board game, “Blokus.” It’s not too complicated, so I can play it and keep up with them! Now the boys are watching sports and I get to sit quietly for a few minutes to reflect on the day’s events.

Back to our new family addition, the toddler in Texas who has already captured our hearts. Her name is Paris. She will be 3 later this month. In her short little life, she has already undergone surgeries for a defective heart. She has been in foster care since she was an infant, fortunate to live with the same couple. Marilyn and Ed, the foster parents, are wonderful people who have cared for medically fragile infants and children for 38 years. Julie called me a few minutes ago. I heard something in her voice beyond happiness. Julie sounded so centered and content. Her typical mode of speaking is fast and loud. Tonight she was quiet and spoke with a calm reserve about Paris and the day they spent together. She is eager to see her again tomorrow and she is already sad at the thought of leaving on Monday morning. She is in love. We are all smitten with this little dolly. Julie and Scott have prepared for this weekend for a long time. It has been Julie’s dream to adopt for years and Scott has been with her every step of the way. We are proud and prayerful for all of them.

The antidote to sadness is finding joy in life’s blessings. I don’t know where I heard it but the saying is true, “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

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