It’s been snowing a lot for the last few days. Even after two visits from the snow plow driver, the snow continued to fill our driveway! Between the slippery, snowy driving conditions and the fact that construction work was going to happen in my office today, I decided to work at home. It was a productive day, the kind when you are really “cranking,” and I completed a couple of big projects that have really required quiet work time.

Feeling satisfied with my accomplishments for the day, I began to wonder what I might blog about. Working at my computer affords me a wonderful view of our backyard. I watched the snow fall quietly most of the day and it was so peaceful. It got me to thinking about past winter storms, which led me to a blog topic. I decided I would write about the great northeast blizzard of 1966, complete with pictures and a local TV station’s video. I was feeling pretty smug. After all, I’ve been blogging for almost two weeks and just look at those creative juices flowing!

Before I started my story, I needed to have dinner and watch the news. The old coach potato reared its ugly head, and I stayed in front of the television for the next several hours. When I finally sat back down at my computer, my new friend from work, Belinda, had posted her blog for today. Belinda is one of the people who encouraged me to start blogging. Her blog for today is aptly titled, “Stormy Weather.” OK, so maybe I’m not the literary ingenue I fashioned myself. I began reading Belinda’s blog and at one point I actually laughed out loud. Once I finished her story I knew the blizzard story would have to wait for another day.

Belinda is the new Executive Assistant to my boss, our CEO. She is a delightful person and an extraordinary listener (and you all know that I love a good listener since I tend to do most of the talking). She’s been with us for just a few months and in that short time, we’ve connected on many levels. Without sounding cliché, let’s just say that Belinda is one of those people who make you want to be a better person.

Belinda’s previous position was at Nazareth College, my alma mater. She wasn’t really looking for a job but she has received services from our Low Vision Clinic. That’s why when she saw the job posting she knew she must apply. She has a Master’s degree in Theology. I started reading Belinda’s blog almost as soon as I met her. It’s all about her journey with losing her sight. If you read her “About” section she writes, “While looking for positive, proactive ways to deal with transitioning into low vision living, I hit upon the idea of developing a blog to record my experiences.” That’s a pretty positive approach don’t you think? Yesterday Belinda’s writing was fiery and determined as she wrote about “Running Toward Grace.” It was all about ditching negativity and imagining, thereby yielding, positive outcomes.

You can imagine my surprise when I read her entry for today, “Stormy Weather.” Her sense of positivity and optimism seemed to have vanished as she told her tale of woe about trying desperately to get to an important morning appointment. She peppered her tale with just the right mix of melodrama and humor. If you knew Belinda, you would find yourself torn between feeling bad for her and laughing at the absurd situation (which was totally out of her control). But I can’t do justice to her tale, so if you are so inclined, take a peek at her story:

Bottom line? One of the great pleasures in life is making new friends and cherishing old ones. I am happy to have made a new friend in Belinda. So, will we be new BFFs after she reads this entry? I certainly hope there is a positive outcome to all of this!

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One Response to BFFs

  1. bbrasley says:

    Wow! I have never felt so honored. Thank you for portraying me in such a positive light. I value our friendship so much.

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