Hello world!

Hello world? WordPress title, not mine. Still, I guess, as good a place to start as any.

I don’t know exactly how to do this. Start small, get better with each post. I think the first thing I should try is completing the “about me” section. Maybe that will help. I hope I can make this blog about how I’d like to move through the next, and likely, last phase of my earthly life. That sounds a bit scary, even to me. I turned 60 in May (2010). I guess you could say I’ve been dwelling (a lot) on death, dying, the meaning of life, retiring, not retiring, making a difference, understanding my spirituality – you get the picture.

Earlier today I told my brother and sister in a post that I didn’t really have any new year’s resolutions, except that I wanted to pursue a “quieter” life. I can’t explain this yet but let me say it has every thing to do with me. Over the years people have described me as: effusive, flighty, unfocused, having ADD, etc. Whether I should or not, I’ve always taken this personally. My journey through this blog will be to sort out some of the feelings associated with these adjectives. Maybe I’ve talked myself into believing all of this and it’s probably all true. Perhaps that is why I want to be “quieter.” In a good way, not an introverted way.

Today was the first really quiet day I’ve had during this Christmas season. It was nice, quiet and peaceful. I did laundry, cleaned, played on FB, read and spent time with Frank. I turned the TV on a few minutes ago to watch the news and then turned it off. It is making too much noise today. I can hear the football game on TV in the great room on the other side of the house and it’s just enough noise for me.

I don’t exactly know how this journey will go. People who blog tell me it’s a good way to work through things and it makes for good journaling. We’ll see.

OK, now to see if I can complete my profile, change some pictures and play around with things until I feel more comfortable with all of this.

Here’s to a quieter 2011.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Do says:

    A nice start, I’d say. My guess is that you’ll want to write frequently, at least in the beginning…looks like you’ve probably found a good niche for yourself! Good luck!

  2. bbrasley says:

    Hooray! You’ve taken the first step and that is the biggest one. This is great and I look forward to reading more from you. God bless you and your journey. Peace.

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